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Become a partner

At Cre8Medical, we believe in the power of partnerships


Our collaborative efforts have helped us to reach new heights and have enabled us to contribute significantly to improving healthcare access across Libya. We invite you to join us in our mission to enhance the quality of life for people in Libya through reliable and affordable access to essential medicines.


Why Partner with Us?


When you become a partner with Cre8Medical, you join a dedicated network of professionals working towards a common goal: transforming healthcare in Libya. Our partners benefit from:


  • Access to a Broad, Diversified Supply of Medications: We maintain a robust inventory of high-quality, cost-effective medications sourced from internationally certified drug manufacturers.

  • Efficient Distribution Network: Our established warehouse spaces and strategic distribution network allow us to quickly ship medications to your healthcare facility or distribution center.

  • Expert Guidance: Our experienced team provides personalized consultations, helping your organization to identify the most suitable drugs for your specific needs.

  • Cold Chain Management: We ensure optimal conditions for medications requiring refrigeration during transport and storage, preserving their efficacy.

  • Regulation Compliance: We strictly adhere to all Libyan regulations regarding the importation and distribution of pharmaceutical products, ensuring our processes are transparent, accountable, and trustworthy.


How to Become a Partner


  • Joining Cre8Medical's network of partners is simple. Follow the steps below to begin your partnership journey with us:

  • Inquiry: Send us an inquiry at expressing your interest in a partnership. Please include details about your organization, its mission, and how you believe a partnership with Cre8Medical can help you achieve your goals.

  • Review: Our team will review your inquiry and assess the potential for partnership. We will reach out to you for further information if necessary.

  • Meet: If our missions align, we will schedule a meeting to discuss the specifics of our partnership, expectations, and how we can work together effectively.

  • Agreement: Once we've ironed out the details, we'll finalize the partnership agreement and begin our journey together in enhancing healthcare access in Libya.


We look forward to building partnerships that foster growth and promote healthier communities in Libya. Let's transform the healthcare landscape in Libya together. Join us in our mission today!

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